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“Mittler zwischen Hirn und Händen muss das Herz sein.”

“Mediator between brain and hands must be the heart.”

- Fritz Lang, Metropolis


Design is about understanding the stories behind human creations, to understand the human himself and his problems. In my opinion, a designer, similar to a scientist, digs deep into a subject to finally understand it and use it to create.


To do that we need to think in whole systems rather than single objects. Our global community works the same way as nature - a fragile ecosystem always in change, with no static objects.

If we understand that, we can create much more meaningful and long lasting designs - or things that we can easier throw away because we thought about the whole system around them.


Feeling" - in technology and materiality - is an important factor in my work. “Feeling” by deciding through the gut, but also “feeling” in the definition of thinking about all the human senses.

We are approaching an object or a space not only with our eyes but include for example also texture, smell and sound.

Considering the complete sensory perception of an environment allows me to give the ideals and concept behind my projects more relevance and give subtle suggestions to a better future. Always aware of the increasing amount of challenges we have to deal with, I am trying to be optimistic that we can solve them together. Open source, DIY and multidisciplinarity are trends that are already pointing in the right direction - I want to embrace this development to innovate in how we interact with each other and our environment - to inspire and provide tools for other creatives. I believe to have a bigger impact by inventing tools for the production of goods, rather than inventing a new kind of good.

The problem is not the fact that we like to create more new things (human creativity is worth to preserve) but just HOW we create them.

Still - never take yourself too seriously (more a reminder to myself than actually belonging to this statement).

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